Recently - Leiden International Film Festival

The 8th edition of the Leiden International Film Festival (LIFF) will be held from 1-10 november 2013.

The opening ceremony in the Pieterskerk

For the first time ever, the LIFF opening is open for public. The opening ceremony will be held in style with unique screenings of Charlie Chaplin’s The Pilgrim (1923) and The Immigrant (1917) in the Pieterskerk. American composer Timothy Brock has written accompanying film score for the two screenings. Brock composed the music piece in collaboration with the family of the late Charlie Chaplin.

In The Immigrant (1917) Chaplin plays an immigrant who wants to settle in America. During the cruise he is accused of theft. In The Pilgrim (1923) Chaplin is a detainee, who steals the clothes of a vicar. The people he encounters after his get-away, actually believe that he is a churchman.

For more information, you can look on the website of the LIFF.