Thanksgiving Ceremony

Please join us at this non-denominational service on Thanksgiving morning at the historic Pieterskerk. There will be a Catholic priest, Protestant ministers, a rabbi and a cantor. Friends from all nations and of all faiths are welcome. This is a service for everyone!

Thanksgiving at the Pieterskerk in Leiden is unique. In that the Pieterskerk is the place the Pilgrims recorded their births, marriages and deaths. They lived in its surroundings from 1609 to 1620. And some of the descendants still live in Leiden. John Robinson, one of the Pilgrim leaders  was buried in the Pieterskerk Leiden.

The influence of the Pilgrims on the future United States has been great. Just take the fact that no less than seven American Presidents  are direct descendants of the Leiden Pilgrims. Click here to read how no less than nine of their descendants have made it to President. Presidents Adams sr. and jr., Taylor, Grant, Garfield, Roosevelt, Bush sr. and jr. and Obama all have a Leiden Pilgrim ancestor.

Thursday 28th of November 2013 - walk-in from 10.00 AM